The Green Leaf CPA Difference.

The value we provide to clients extends beyond our tax, accounting and compliance expertise.

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  • Cannabis-focused and active in the community.

  • Rock-solid accounting for easier access to investor capital.

  • Proprietary on-boarding and clean-up process.

  • Speed dial access to help you manage and grow your cannabis business.

  • All reporting built on fully tied-out, accurate and complete accounting data.

  • GAAP-compliant cost accounting to legally and effectively mitigate 280E impact.
  • We put out fires so you can focus on growth.

  • Access to a full network of CPAs, CFOs, EAs, lawyers and industry professionals.

Other Accounting Firms

  • Cannabis is just one of the industries served.

  • Limited experience accessing investor capital.

  • Either too large to provide personalized service, or too small to grow with you.

  • Focused on mainstream businesses first.

  • May try to “beat” 280E with risky strategies or tricks.
  • Limited resources.

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