Yes. I’m a CPA licensed in Texas and Colorado (and with practice privileges in Nevada) who is able to serve clients nationwide. With nearly 30 years of experience with Big 4 firms, global accounting firms, and large local CPA firms, I also hold a Chartered Global Management Accountant certification. Our firm serves clients across the US and into Canada from offices registered in Texas and Nevada.

We are tax strategists. So, typically, I do not prepare or file the returns themselves. We do have trusted CPA’s, EA’s and tax professionals registered with the IRS who are in our network and that we work with on a referral basis. Their high-touch service approach and commitment to quality is the same as mine. At tax time, I respond to their questions and requests, as well as provide a detailed “management level” review of their final work product to ensure everything is done correctly.

While we provide those services, we are more than bookkeepers. Our clients are required to have an employee to handle the day-to-day entries in QuickBooks (or another accounting package) and upload documents to the professional data room. We provide training on cannabis specifics and/or bookkeeping basics, as needed.

In addition to the cost accounting, internal control and accounting continuing professional education (“CPE”) I’ve attained in my career, I completed the DOPE CFO Accounting for Cannabis program, and regularly attend educational, networking and industry events in addition to a number of cannabis and hemp conferences. As a CPA, I’m required to obtain 120 hours of CPE every three years. Additionally, our network includes over 100 cannabis trained accountants, CFO’s, CPA’s, EA’s, bookkeepers and attorneys. You can rest assured that if I don’t know the answer to a question, I know someone who does!

Absolutely, under one condition: they must be on the same page regarding the application of IRC 280E. We don’t take engagements with clients who have a CPA who is overly aggressive in the application of IRC 280E. There’s just too much at risk.

We currently have dispensary, processing and cultivation clients. Under professional standards, we are unable to share client names or information unless a client has given us authorization to do so. We take very seriously our professional obligations to keep the private information of all our clients private.
Accounting, itself, is not overly complicated (says the CPA). But, the myriad maze of compliance rules and laws for businesses of any size that deal in highly-regulated industries such as cannabis are very complex and getting more so by the week! You certainly aren’t required to hire professionals like us, but we’ve found that the risk of errors or omissions carry the potential for fines and penalties that can easily put an operation out of business. So, in addition to our services, we hope we provide peace of mind so that you can sleep comfortably at night. Our clients like that about us.
Most of our services are provided at a flat monthly or one-time fee based on deliverables, the complexity of your operations and the value we add. Other services such as financial statement audit coordination, business/cash flow modeling or financial updates are provided on a per hour basis. We’re always happy to discuss what solution(s) work best for your business.

When you consider the substantial value that a professional cannabis finance and accounting professional brings to bear, our fees are very reasonable. Our goal is to identify areas for you to make make more profits, pay only the appropriate amount of taxes, and sleep comfortably at night knowing your books and records are in order and audit ready. We provide virtual controller/part-time CFO services at a fraction of the cost of an internal hire. Our skills include not only accounting & finance but operations, administration and compliance.

Probably not. In our experience, if there is more than one decision maker everyone should be on-board with bringing a firm like us in before the initial call. That way, we’re able to address any concerns they have from the start.

We work with cannabusiness clients nationwide from our offices in Nevada and Texas. We work in every state with legalized medical and/or recreational marijuana. For hemp and CBD businesses, we work nationwide.

If you live/work in the Las Vegas or Houston areas and would like to meet in person versus having a call, we will do our best to accommodate. Since the pandemic, we’ve found that most prospective clients are comfortable meeting virtually over Zoom, Microsoft Teams or via phone. Our work is done on a completely virtual basis and performed remotely. Everything is housed in your cloud so you always have access to it.

We are a cannabis accounting and finance firm that clients contract with to provide professional services, including virtual controller/part-time CFO services. As with any other professional services firm we report to the executive team, provide deliverables, and offer advice. We consider ourselves to be part of your team, but we work independently.

Our typical client onboarding process is simple and straight-forward. We take the guess work out of it. Learn more about our client service process here.

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