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Value Added Resources.

We believe you deserve more than just a CPA who calls you once a year when taxes are due. As a member of The Green Leaf CPA Family, you have access to a suite of valuable resources.

“In-The-Green” Blog

Monthly articles about accounting and finance issues impacting cannabis companies.

The Business of Kush

A weekly cannabis business podcast with the brightest minds in the industry. Be our guest.

Vistium Growth Advisors

Insights from our sister company with the unique goal of creating more valuable businesses.

VIP Access

A community that comes together to honor the plant and build great cannabusinesses.

The Green Leaf CPA Difference.

The value we provide to clients extends beyond our tax, accounting and compliance expertise.

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  • Cannabis-focused and active in the community.

  • Rock-solid accounting for easier access to investor capital.

  • Proprietary on-boarding and clean-up process.

  • Speed dial access to help you manage and grow your cannabis business.

  • All reporting built on fully tied-out, accurate and complete accounting data.

  • GAAP-compliant cost accounting to legally and effectively mitigate 280E impact.
  • We put out fires so you can focus on growth.

  • Access to a full network of CPAs, CFOs, EAs, lawyers and industry professionals.

Other Accounting Firms

  • Cannabis is just one of the industries served.

  • Limited experience accessing investor capital.

  • Either too large to provide personalized service, or too small to grow with you.

  • Focused on mainstream businesses first.

  • May try to “beat” 280E with risky strategies or tricks.
  • Limited resources.

Need a personalized solution?

With the aim of helping your business be successful, we’re always looking to collaborate with you to co-develop a customized solution that will work for your situation.

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Strategic Tax Services

We specialize in cannabis taxes. And, with Section 280E, there’s too much risk to do it alone!


Capital Advisory

Cannabis companies face challenges when finding capital for growth. You need proven strategies for getting investors.

Start-Up Structuring

From legal entity selection to submitting a successful license application, there’s a lot to think about. We’re in your corner.